One Health Detects Capacity Building

One Health Detects Capacity Building

SACIDS Foundation for One Health is enhancing initiatives by the Tanzanian Government towards strengthening its capacity for the national health security agenda, national action plans for health security and for One Health coordination. SACIDS Foundation for One Health will develop a digital platform for National One Health multi-sectoral collaboration for epidemiological intelligence to facilitate official early detection and response to infectious disease outbreaks.

Through its member institutions, the Foundation will collaborate with the relevant Tanzania Government structures in improving their ability to detect disease events, signals or related information at source geographically or zoologically. Data will be processed promptly for early warning and response helping to prevent outbreaks.

The platform will be designed so that stakeholders’ health information technology systems are inter-operable; making the right data available to authorized personnel at the right time in a way that can be relied upon and meaningfully used by recipients.

This dashboard will enable the Prime Minister’s OfficePresident’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) and Sectorial Ministries (responsible for public health, animal health and natural resources) to regularly review situations and take action for detection, verification, risk assessment, risk communication, early warning and response.

The OneHealthDetect – TZ project, funded by Ending Pandemics aims to:

  • Strengthen event-based surveillance (EBS) for Sector Ministries
  • Set up a hotline and media center at the One Health Coordination Desk
  • Link the National One Health Coordination Desk with Sector Ministries through a shared digital dashboard for EBS
  • Evaluate the timeliness of notification and national response to multi-sectorial outbreaks

The operationalization of the project including setting up of the One Health digital platform will be done collaboratively with the One Health Coordination Desk, under the mandate of the Disaster Management Department of the Prime Minister’s office (PMO-DMD).

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