Anti-microbial resistance

We estimate trends in AMR rates and detect the emergence and potential spread of AMR pathogens in order to inform programmes that formulate guidelines for treatment and prevention of infections and prevention of AMR transmission Our research in AMR started in 2011. The core of our activities include training, research and the provision of technical […]
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Viral disease of humans and animals

We contribute towards the reduction in morbidity and mortality due to emerging and re-emerging viral disease epidemics of humans and animals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through improving the understanding and prevention/control strategies of the viral infectious disease of epidemic potential in the region. Africa hosts abundant wildlife and arthropod populations with the potential of transmitting Viral […]
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Genomics And Metagenomics

We reduce the burden of viral epidemics and antimicrobial resistance by developing innovative ways, tools and scientific evidence driven by genomics and metagenomics. Taking advantage of the high sensitivity of next generation sequencing technologies to develop genomic-based diagnostics Increased movement of both people and goods, and ongoing changes in climatic conditions are likely to influence […]
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Digital And Data Sciences

We enhance prediction of occurrence and spread of viral epidemics and AMR in the human and animal populations as well as the design of managing risk attributed to these epidemics by integrating data from community-based approaches to national surveillance, genomic and traditional epidemiology through the use of digital and data sciences The COVID-19 pandemic, the […]
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