Liam Good

Liam is Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology in the Pathobiology & Population Sciences department at the Royal Veterinary College.  He has also been recently appointed (April 2021) as Interim Vice Principal for Innovation.

Liam completed his BSc in General Science from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada in 1987. He then spent several years in the Winemaking and Brewery industry first as an assistant winemaker, then a researcher. In 1996 he completed his Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; the title of which was “Studies on Ribosomal RNA processing in yeasts”.

He went on to work at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and then the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden where he became an associate professor in the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology before coming to the Royal Veterinary College in 2007. Liam is also a co-founder of Tecrea Ltd, an RVC spin-out company.

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